How to Market After COVID-19

How to Market After COVID-19

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June 1, 2020

How to Market After COVID-19

The clouds are parting, skies are clearing; there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel. Doors are opening again, the COVID-19 shutdowns almost all behind us, and with that, there’s a sense of relief, resurgence, and renewal. what?

To assume businesses, especially in health care, can go back to “normal”, is short-sighted. Let’s be real, we all know that’s not the world we’re living in. People want to know that their health and safety isn’t being put at risk the next time they walk out their front door, let alone make a visit to your practice for their next dental cleaning. It’s your job as dental care professionals, members of your communities, and advocates for overall health, to put them at ease. 

But don’t worry, we’re here to help!


Not surprisingly, people are nervous about going to the dentist (or anywhere) right now. First and foremost upon your practice’s reopening, the priority for everyone on your team should be buttoning up safety measures and portraying those steps effectively to your patients.

Truth is, we know your practice has always been up to date on safety standards from the CDC and ADA, you wouldn’t be in business if it wasn’t. However, this is an opportunity to pivot your content and messaging (whether it be on a Facebook ad, social media post, video, or email newsletter) to address those concerns and over-communicate your commitment to the health and safety of your patients. 

They want to be reassured that you’re doing everything you can to put their health first. Take this time while you’re in the midst of reopening your doors to remind them that you always have, and you always will.


Another major factor of your practice you’ll want to consider in this new age of health care is your availability. Especially your availability for new patient appointments. 

Consider, for a moment, a potential new patient. They’re struggling to find a dentist that’s open at all, let alone find one able to take new patient appointments in the midst of all of the appointments that your practice, unfortunately, needed to reschedule over the last month or so. They could be facing the reality of not being able to get their appointment scheduled until the end of summer, if not later. Your current patients are also facing that same reality.

If your practice has days that you’re normally closed (let’s say Fridays, for example), take this opportunity to extend your hours to Fridays, not only opening up appointments for your current patients but also opening up chances for new patients trying to get in. Take it one step further, and add a few appointments on a Saturday to help accommodate the busy professionals, parents, or students who need your services, too.

If adding extra days to your schedule or your staff’s schedules isn’t an option (and we get that it won’t always be), try carving out “new patient blocks” to allow adequate time to see new patients at your practice, alongside the current ones.

If you’re running Google Ads (if you’re not, then, by all means, do), use this as a way to answer the big question people are eager to know, “Are Dentists Open?”. YES. We are open. We’re here, ready to serve you again. 

Your Comeback Begins

This season of uncertainty has been tough, and no one has been immune to the effects this has had on businesses, communities, and lives. Right now you have an exceptional opportunity to show your patients and community the support and service your practice was built to provide. 

With the right steps in place, the impact on your practice’s growth throughout the rest of 2020 will be huge, and may easily spell the success of your comeback from the COVID crisis. For more advice on how to reboot your practice’s marketing strategy after COVID-19, check out our relaunch packages. We're in this together, and our team is ready to help your practice come back stronger than ever. 

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