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Rare Opportunity for New Patients

While other practices are over-booked and turning away new patients, you have a chance to capture a patient base looking for a new dental home.

Narrow Window for an Open Market

Marketing budgets of other practices have halted, which means if you have the capital to invest, this is your chance to greatly expand your reach. Investments in marketing over the next few months will have one of the greatest returns into the future.

Your Relaunch Messaging

Growing your practice in a post-COVID world begins with sending the right message. Here are the four essential messages driving our custom marketing strategies:


Safe. Safe. Safe.

You cannot over-communicate safety as you reopen. Make your extra PPE expense work for you by leveraging it in your marketing.



Patients need to know that dentistry is not elective, but essential to oral health, overall health, and a strong immune system.



With a backlog of existing patients to reschedule, most practices will be booked solid for months. Communicating availability and open slots for new patients sets you apart.



With many still on unemployment and unsure of their future, affordability is a major concern. Messaging that acknowledges and answers this issue with affordable options will win.

Custom Post-COVID Strategies

Our custom marketing strategies are designed to restart your practice and create growth throughout the year.


Social Media

With social media engagement at an all-time high, now is a great time to deepen relationships with your community. Your social media stories integrated with our creative messaging will establish your practice as a community leader.

  1. One Account (Facebook or Instagram)
  2. Two Accounts (Facebook and Instagram)
  3. minimum six-month commitment // project set up begins with first invoice

Photography & Video

Real people. Real faces. Real stories. Pictures and video capture your practice story like nothing else. Don’t miss this unprecedented opportunity to connect your story with the stories of those looking for a new dental home.

  1. One Session (Photo or Video)
  2. Two Sessions (Photo and Video)
  3. all travel included // session is scheduled with a 50% deposit

Digital Ads

People are searching, make sure you stand out. Authentic, creative and compelling ads that tell your authentic story in a unique way have the potential to create a significant flow of new patients during this time.

  1. New Patient Campaign (Google or Facebook)
  2. Advanced Brand Awareness (Google and Facebook)
  3. Specialty Service Campaign (Customized)
  4. minimum six-month commitment // campaign set up begins with first invoice

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