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Preparing Your Space + Props

  • We'll Use 3-4 main areas: front desk/waiting area, main operatory, hallways, and consultation Room.
  • We ask that you “declutter” those areas by removing small nonessential items.
  • Please have major technology (i.e. Cerec/E4D, Laser, Invisalign, iCat, etc.) turned on and any monitors or screens displaying dentistry-related images, such as X-rays.
  • If you have any mouth models (Invisalign, implants, etc.) Please have those ready to use as props in photos.

Preparing Your Staff

  • Make sure your staff has time between working and the session to freshen up and change if necessary.
  • make sure Clothes/scrubs are clean and pressed, looking fresh.
  • Doctors are welcome to bring a change of clothes for headshots if desired.
  • It’s best to coordinate colors. Neutrals typically work best (white, grays, tans, black).
  • The staff may be bored some of the time, but that’s okay. Our team will generally work with one or two staff members at a time. Everyone else should hang out, have fun, and be patient.

Scheduling Patient Models

  • Do Not schedule any patients for treatment during your session.
  • schedule a minimum of 5 patient models for the session.
  • Models can be friends and family, actual patients, or from an agency.
  • should include a variety of ages, ethnicities, and genders. (For non-pedo practices, we recommend only one child.)
  • Schedule models for staggered arrival every 15 minutes, beginning 30 minutes into the session.
  • Your Account Manager will provide a photo release, which should be signed by everyone involved with the session.

Specific Stages for Photo & Video

  • We will walk the patients through various stages of a patient visit (check in/greeting, treatment, consultation, etc.).
  • We’ll encourage lots of smiles and laughter throughout the session. Happy people sell better :)
  • do not use masks or gloves while having your photo taken. We realize this isn’t natural or realistic. However, we want less clinical and more relational photography, and masks hide smiles.

Staged Filming & Video Tips

  • We will use patient models to stage specific scenes, conversations, or situations that are necessary for the videos.
  • No need to prepare anything - scripted lines can sound cheesy.
  • When asked questions on video, take a pause to think about the answer first. There's no rush.
  • Say less. Short, meaningful statements are better than long rambles.
  • You don't have to say it all. Video is primarily visual. Your statements are supplementary to the happy experiences taking place on screen.


Our team is so excited to meet you and capture your story. Be sure to share this video with your team to help them prepare, and let your account manager know if you have any questions. Our team can’t wait to meet you!

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