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What is a brand?

A brand is the sum of how a product or business is perceived by those who experience it—including customers, employees, the media, and more.

When we talk about branding, it's important to keep in mind that successful branding efforts involve consistent messaging, visual identity, and customer experiences that align with the desired brand image. By effectively managing and nurturing a brand, businesses can establish a strong market position, differentiate themselves from competitors, and cultivate long-term relationships with customers.

At the core of the brand should be a strong logo - one that resonates with you, and most importantly, your desired customers.

Our Style Discovery Tool is designed to help bring out the visual themes you feel represent your brand best.


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Brand Direction

Let's start with some selections to help determine what direction we're going to take when designing your visual identity.

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Fonts are a crucial element in establishing and reinforcing a brand's visual identity. Different fonts evoke different emotions and perceptions. The choice of font in a logo can convey characteristics such as professionalism, elegance, playfulness, boldness, or innovation. It helps shape the overall personality and tone of the brand.

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Let's talk about color. Color is one of the first perceptions customers will have of your brand, which carries along a variety of emotional responses that will tell them how to feel.

Choose some colors that best fit the brand you are imagining: (Choose up-to 3)

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Favorite Logos

Choose the logos that best resonate with your style preferences. (Choose 4 or fewer.)

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Mood Boards

Please look through the following mood boards. Choose one or two favorites, and take a moment to let us know what you like about each one.

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You're almost done!

Now that we have your creative wheels turning, let us know what brands you've seen that inspire you, or give off the same feeling you'd like your brand to have convey. You can link specific websites, logos, your own Pinterest board, mood board, or anything that inspires you visually. We recommend a minimum of 2-3, but you can add as many as you'd like.

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