Inspired by windchimes, this unique logo for Windsong Dental in Prosper, Texas highlights their practice with a look that’s equally minimal and timeless. The logo feels welcoming, soothing, and sophisticated, just like their practice.
“Sattva,” being a widely used term in yoga, the vibe for Dr. Thondapu’s brand needed to evoke feelings of mindfulness, serenity, and peacefulness. Like walking into a spa, his practice and logo reflect those ideals in a leaf-inspired icon and an elegant font to balance everything out.
The original Apple logo, circa 1976.
Apple’s present-day logo.
Nike –
Note the lack of a shoe.
Mercedes-Benz –
No car.
McDonald's -
No cheeseburger.
Inspired by Mt. Sopris, the largest mountain visible from Glenwood Springs, CO, Murray Dental Group’s logo provides a genuinely local feel while still standing out in the community.
The kite and key in Philadelphia Pediatric Dentistry’s logo pays homage to the city, while the playful origami shapes keep the whole design feeling whimsical and fun.

We hope these tips will help you create a beautiful dental practice logo that makes your practice stand out in your community. Need some inspiration? Check out our list of the Top 20 Dental Practice Logos of 2022. Want some help? Our team of experienced designers can help you create a quality brand for your practice.