Top 20 Dental Logos

Top 20 Dental Logos

The Best 20 Dental Logos of 2023

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January 15, 2022

Top 20 Dental Logos

The Best 20 Dental Logos of 2023

Symbolizing Your Story

When you think of dental logos, "exciting" or “aesthetic” might not be the first words that come to mind. But at Studio EightyEight, we view logos as exactly that. As visual storytellers that stand at the forefront of your brand – communicating a message and evoking a feeling. 

Before a patient steps foot in your office or meets your amazing team, they meet your logo. And in that moment, they're making snap judgments about what kind of care and experience they can expect. 

Whether you’re a brand-new startup, a pediatric dentist, or an advanced specialist, your logo needs to do a lot — it needs to reassure, stand out, and – most importantly – invite. It should say, "We're professional, we're caring, and yes, being our patient is worth your time.” 

That’s why we’ve once again compiled a list of the best dental logos of 2023 - logos that bridge the gap between clinical healthcare and the warm, personal touch we all want to feel when we visit the dentist—using various colors, shapes, fonts, and custom designs to illustrate the uniqueness of each practice in their own artistic way. 

Whether you’re searching for inspiration or just want to see some amazing dental logos, this article is for you! 

Without further adieu, and in no particular order, 20 truly exceptional dental logos...

1. Austin K. Brown DDS

Inspired by the mountains of California, Dr. Brown's logo features clean lines and a poppy-inspired orange hue that symbolizes the morning sunrise. It's a visual metaphor for his practice's  comfortable, homey atmosphere, where easing patient anxiety is at the heart of the experience.

2. Decker Dental

Dr. Decker takes pride in making his patients smile and shine more than ever before, and we wanted to match that. We tweaked his previous logo, which featured a sparkling tooth, to give it a more modern, aesthetic look—adding more sparkle and less tooth for a design that truly shines all its own.

3. El Segundo Pediatric Dentistry

With one look at Dr. Houda’s logo (and her incredible office space), you feel the fun-loving, bright energy that fits the world of pediatric dentistry perfectly. Using vibrant colors and a hand-drawn style, this logo reflects a commitment to fun, comfortable, and expert pediatric dental care.

4. Maple Dentistry

Beautifully simple yet elevated – Dr. Nadine's logo matches her love of refinement and hospitality through a design that pairs flowy, elegant lines with a friendly, professional touch.

5. Jerome Dental

Inspired by the modern farmhouse flair of new housing developments in a growing city, Dr. Pappas' logo boasts clean lines and a contemporary wheat emblem that embodies the area's agricultural heritage. A design that blends hometown warmth with top-notch dental care that makes every patient feel right at home. 

6. Family Dental Care

Dr. Claire's logo is the epitome of comfort and tradition. The use of a calming blue combined with a gentle leaf design gives a sense of serenity and attentiveness to patient care. This design creates an atmosphere where every family member can feel at ease while they visit.

7. North Dallas Dental Group

Dr. Owen's logo takes a page out of his restaurant background and pairs it with modern dental design, serving up the "NDDG" initials with his own unique twist of style. It's a clever hint to both his hospitality background and his commitment to restorative dentistry, all rolled into one.

8. CK Dental & Associates

Who can resist trendy, mid-century modern vibes? Dr. Jenny and Dr. Woo's logo flaunts urban street chic with minimalist shapes cleverly hinting at "CKDA," adding an industrial edge to their modern practice. It's the hippest of dental logos, effortlessly cool and oh-so-stylish.

9. Crystal Dental Spa

In the heart of Crystal Dental Spa's logo lies an abstract 'C' that mirrors a sparkling gem, embodying the luxurious and tranquil experience that Dr. Crystal Curtis promises. The simplicity of the design, coupled with a hint of glimmer, speaks to the subtle yet profound impact in their aesthetic dental artistry.

10. Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry

This design works to confidently position Dr. Noe and his practice as the leader in aesthetic dental transformations. Marrying clean, minimalistic design with an interlocking monogram that is a statement for their innovative edge. 

11. 311 Dental

Dr. Syed's practice has a sophisticated yet inviting vibe, reminiscent of that iconic Nordstrom style. His logo mirrors a dedication to offering sleek, specially catered dentistry, while the strategic use of diagonal lines (even on 311’s website) wraps patients in a seamless brand experience from start to finish.

12. SmileStories Maine

With its homey building illustration and crisp typography, this logo for Dr. Colleen tells her story of personalized, community-centric dental care. With bold, san-serif lettering grounding their brand in a modern and approachable light, this logo invites a feeling of trust and familiarity. 

13. Eglash Dental Studio 

Dr. Eglash's logo exudes a fresh, inviting aura with its uncluttered design. The crisp, modern typeface complements the clean lines of the abstract emblem. A visual identity that broadcasts their approach of excellence in dentistry – this brand promises a sleek, contemporary, and comfortable experience for every patient.

14. Chosen Family Dentistry

A thoughtful creation for Dr. Cho, this logo presents a comforting blend of contemporary design with a personal touch. The circles in the 'O' of 'CHOSEN' symbolize the comprehensive care they provide, while the clean, sans-serif typography reflects a modern and accessible approach to family dental services.

15. Davis Smile Design

Dr. Emily's logo captures her dedication to her patients with its intricate, diamond-like design, symbolizing the multifaceted nature of her personal connections and care. The clean lines and elegant typeface are a testament to a practice built on deep relationships and a commitment to crafting individualized, radiant smiles.

16. Rizvi Dental

This logo’s elegant leaf illustration embodies calmness and wisdom, and the gentle nature of the foliage mark symbolizes a soothing dental experience. Dr. Tahira's brand works to communicate a serene, enlightened approach to oral health, offering patients a tranquil escape for their dental care needs.

17. Modern Haus Dental

Modern Haus Dental's logo, envisioned with Dr. Kristy Lee, features a house icon with a playful twist, incorporating art-deco elements that command attention. The bold lines and geometric shapes create a distinctive, decorative emblem that sets the practice apart from the rest. It's a mark of innovative dental care housed in a fun, yet professional setting.

18. Dente Comprehensive Dentistry

This logo features an abstract D that combines a modern aesthetic with a nod to the comprehensive dental care Dr. Morgan provides. The clean, geometric design with a subdued color palette speaks to the calming yet precise vision of the practice.

19. Montvale Prosthodontics

Montvale Prosthodontics' logo speaks to the high standard of professionalism and advanced education that Dr. Susie brings to her dental practice. The sophisticated, serif typeface, set against a clean background, conveys a sense of refined expertise and reliability. 

20. Gum Specialty Center

Blending clinical precision with the tranquility of a spa. The ‘G’ monogram for Gum Speciality Center helps practice owner Dr. O symbolize the specialized care their clinic offers. At the same time, the soft color palette and clean typography convey a serene, aesthetically focused environment. 

Wrapping up our dive into the best dental logos of 2023, it's clear these designs do more than just look good – they set the tone for patient experience before they even walk through the door,proving that a well-crafted logo can truly make a world of difference. 

At Studio EightyEight, we're all about capturing that unique spark of your practice and turning it into a visual story that speaks volumes. 

If you're feeling inspired to give your dental practice's branding a facelift or you’re just starting out and want to hit the ground running with a logo that truly stands out, we're here to make that happen. Let's chat about how we can turn your vision into a logo that's not just seen but felt, setting you apart in the best way possible.

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At Studio 8E8, we make dental logos that showcase who you are in a way that patients connect with. We’d love to help you build a brand that tells your story, makes an impact, and sets you apart from the rest. We believe you’re worth it.

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