Top 20 Dental Logos

Top 20 Dental Logos

The Best Dental Practice Logos of 2022

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January 15, 2022

Top 20 Dental Logos

The Best Dental Practice Logos of 2022

All branding tells a story.

What makes a great dental logo? If you ask our team, they’ll say things like…a good logo is “versatile”, “simple”, or “doesn’t have a tooth in it”. Generic, tooth-themed logos in dentistry have become way overused, to the point where practices have a hard time standing out visually. A lot of logos in the dental industry also don’t have a lot of versatility; they’re good in one format (ie. digital vs. print) but not others. And often, common dental logo designs are far too complicated with a variety of design elements that make it difficult to understand the brand identity.

Ultimately, a good logo tells a story. It evokes a feeling – hopefully the same feeling you want to convey in your practice. Whether you’re the new start-up practice in town, a pediatric dentist you hope moms fall in love with, or the established specialist that’s got a strong referral base, your logo and overall branding should communicate trust above all else. No teeth necessary, we promise.

This year we decided to look back at some of our favorite logo projects from 2021, hoping to highlight the ones that went above and beyond the standards of dental logos. Logos that make you stop and go, “Wow!” Logos that make you think, “I’m not sure who they are yet, but I like them.” Logos that sold the brand before a patient ever walked in the door.

While we could’ve easily doubled this list, we kept it to 20. 20 fresh, exciting dental logos to bring some inspiration to your practice. So here they are (in alphabetical order)...

Allure Dental Boutique logo

1. Allure Dental Boutique

Sometimes the best logos can come from open collaboration. That was certainly the case with Dr. Tehrani’s branding - a totally custom script font choice really led the way to find this perfect visual to represent a brand that is absolutely luxurious, modern, and relaxing.

Allure Dental Boutique letterhead

Bernadette Sawa Prosthodontist logo

2. Bernadette Sawa

A strong wordmark can stand on its own to tell a story, evoke a feeling, and set the tone for the practice space. Sometimes even competing ideas; Dr. Sawa’s brand is a blend of classic elegance and modern minimalism. This logo design tackles that feeling in a way that’s balanced, impactful, and unique.

Bernadette Sawa Prosthodontist sign on window

Carabella Dental Logo

3. Carabella Dental

With the words “cara bella” meaning “beautiful face”, the idea for a logo that allowed for an abstract interpretation of that really led the way to this original, playful logo design. Dr. Bella’s practice is sleek, modern, trendy, and full of joy, and her branding helps those qualities shine.

Carabella Dental gold sign on wall

Cusp Dental Boutique logo

4. Cusp Dental Boutique

We love it when a client’s story takes shape in a logo. In this case, Dr. Hamlin’s vision for representing a Ghanaian Adinkra symbol (dwennimmen) steered the direction of this design to help create something meaningful, memorable, and vibrant; just like her practice!

Dental Nouveau logo

5. Dental Nouveau

Drs. Forrest and Courtney Arguelles envisioned a practice that was minimal and sleek; a place built on clean lines, black and white, but still inviting and warm. Their branding had to embody that, too. Thankfully, it does just that with a unique logo that, per the Doctors’ goal, “stands out without being too loud.”

enlightenDENTAL logo

6. enlightenDENTAL

Inspired by a mid-century modern look, this unique logo establishes Dr. Blackwell’s brand as anything but ordinary. (Like her practice.) Those happy little sunbeams absolutely spark joy, and bold colors of blue and gold elevate the brand to something that feels timeless and comfortable.

Gramercy Kids Smiles logo

7. Gramercy Kids Smiles

Dr. Fatina’s pediatric practice is a joyful, vibrant place, so a logo to match was a must! This design is playful without being too kiddish, and easily stands out to both parents and kids alike. Inspired by a local graffiti wall, the location played a huge role in the choice of icon, accomplishing a sense of originality and familiarity all in one.

Gulf Breeze Dental logo

8. Gulf Breeze Dentistry

Dr. Melissa’s dream for her re-branded practice was to elevate the space to feel more sophisticated, spa-like, and happy. Her logo design balances those elements without feeling too unapproachable, and nods to the water right outside their front door without feeling too “beachy.”

Inspire Smiles logo

9. Inspire Smiles

The vibe for Dr. Rhodes’ practice embodies a mix between urban and contemporary, classic and modern, bold and inviting. Skip ahead to the finished look, and you get a well-balanced, playful logo that can stand as a strong wordmark or as a memorable icon. Win-win!

LaLuxe Dental logo

10. LaLuxe Dental

Dr. Fagan’s goal for her brand included having a relaxing, modern, spa-like vibe. Inspired by an art deco look, her finished logo is elegant and luxurious while still feeling calm and comfortable; everything her practice embodies. Did you catch the two “L”s in the icon, too?

Lifestyle Family Dentistry logo

11. Lifestyle Family Dentistry

Dr. Josetta’s logo design and overall branding evoke feelings of something timeless, elegant, and warm. Gold colors and traditional-looking fonts make it all feel familiar and comfortable, but with playful twists that bring some fun and energy to the scene.

Neighborhood Dental logo

12. Neighborhood Dental

Dr. Johnson’s minimalist, architectural-inspired logo fits his practice perfectly; there’s an industrial-feel to his space that is translated so well in the visuals of his brand. It’s hip and cool while still being friendly and approachable, and who doesn’t want that in a place with “neighborhood” in the name?

Philadelphia Pediatric Dentistry logo

13. Philadelphia Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Cordero’s vision for her pediatric practice was to be a place that both kids and parents could enjoy; an elevated experience that’s joyful and comfortable while not being overly cartoony or loud. The kite and key in this logo pay homage to the city, while the playful origami shapes keep the whole design feeling whimsical and fun.

Revolutionary Tribes logo

14. Revolutionary Tribes

We love anytime we can use abstract design elements to help tell a brand’s story, and that’s definitely the case with Jodi Evan’s logo. Dedicated to helping DSO’s and group practices grow through communication, teamwork, and trust, the morse code icon reading “go far together” feels all too fitting.

River Place Dental logo

15. River Place Dental

Dr. Zatopek’s ideal brand was something that “felt like home”; comfortable and inviting, calming and refined. This nature-inspired logo pays homage to her city so it feels familiar, and peaceful colors put you at ease before you even step in the doors of the practice.

Sattva Endodontics logo

16. Sattva Endodontics

“Sattva” being a widely used term in yoga, the vibe for Dr. Thondapu’s brand needed to evoke feelings of mindfulness, serenity, and peacefulness. Like walking into a spa, his practice and logo reflect those ideals in a leaf-inspired icon and elegant font to balance everything out.

Sattva Endodontics wall sign

Skyview Dentistry logo

17. Skyview Dentistry

This upbeat, modern logo really helps set the tone for Dr. Byrd’s overall brand, and embodies the vibe within the practice perfectly. It’s a surprisingly simple design, but accomplishes the luxurious and elevated feel while still being approachable.

Skyview Dentistry business cards

Toothsome Dental logo

18. Toothsome Dental

As two people who describe themselves as “laid-back professionals,” Drs. Dominic and Shannon Chapman needed a logo that helped set their brand apart. Their final look feels urban, cool, and modern with clean lines and comfortable, calming colors.

Windsong Dental logo

19. Windsong Dental

Inspired by windchimes, this unique logo for Dr. Lana and Dr. Melnikov highlights their practice with a look that’s equally minimal and timeless. Their brand feels welcoming, soothing, and sophisticated, just like their practice.

Woodside Dental logo

20. Woodside Dental

Dr. Shah’s vision for her practice was a story of getting the best of both worlds; a blend between a light and airy, modern space, while still maintaining the “homey”, comfortable energy she wanted her patients to feel. The finished logo lands squarely in the middle of those two competing ideas, with a clean-line icon and a familiar, traditional font choice.

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