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The Best 10 Dental Marketing Trends For 2024

Wondering how to get more patients at your dental practice? Here are 10 dental marketing tips for 2024.

Google Search Ads For Dentists: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re a dentist that is curious on how to get started with setting your Google Search Ads up for success, this is the beginners guide for you!

A Dentist's Guide to Collect More Online Reviews

If you've ever wondered, "Why aren't more patients leaving reviews?" or "How can I get more high-quality feedback?" you're in the right place.

Is SEO Branding or Advertising? Here’s The Difference

Uncover the link between SEO and your dental practice's brand. Learn if SEO is more about branding or advertising, and how it can boost your online presence and brand image.

The #1 Marketing Guide For Dental Startups

Discover essential marketing strategies for dental startups with Studio EightyEight's comprehensive guide. Learn how to effectively market your new dental practice on a tight budget and stand out in a competitive market.

How Much Does SEO Cost For A Dental Practice?

Dental SEO matters now more than ever. Learn why SEO is essential for dentists, what factors into your SEO budget, and how to plan effectively. Plus, debunk SEO myths that could hold your dental practice back.

Is Your Dental Website Mobile Friendly? Here’s Why It Should Be

Explore the importance of having a mobile-friendly dental website. Learn how mobile responsiveness impacts patient engagement and boosts your online presence.

Do Dentists Need To Use Facebook Ads?

We discuss why we recommend Facebook & Instagram Ads for dentists and how you (as a dentist) can get the most bang for your buck from the ad platform.

3 Dental Marketing Mistakes To Avoid in 2023

From miscommunicating your practice's story and values to ignoring your online presence – you'll want to avoid these marketing mishaps like patients avoiding their check-up reminders.

Dental Rebranding 101: When And How To Do It Best

Every dental practice has a brand (yes, yours does too) but here are a few tips to help you decide if it’s time to refresh yours.

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