Dental Rebranding 101: When And How To Do It Best

Dental Rebranding 101: When And How To Do It Best

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July 28, 2023

Dental Rebranding 101: When And How To Do It Best

You did it! 👏 You completed dental school, passed the board certs, became licensed, and reached your lifelong goal of opening up your own practice. 

You’re so busy working on building your business that you hire a friend to make a quick logo with a tooth on it, toss up a quick website – and you’re on your way and growing!

Fast forward 10-15 years – your practice has a full staff and patients booked out months in advance. (We knew it would happen!) But unbeknownst to you - you’ve also built yourself a brand. (Remember that word - it’s important).

What is A Dental Brand?

A dental brand is what patients experience from the moment they hear about your practice and onward. It incorporates everything and anything about your practice including your:

  • Tagline / Mission Statement
  • Digital Advertising
  • Company Values            
  • In-Office Patient Experience
  • Social Media
  • Logo
  • Physical Ads
  • Website

      (Dr. Schiffenhaus)  
  (SF Orthodontics)


When Should A Dentist Rebrand?

Every dental practice has a brand (yes, yours does too) but here are a few tips to help you decide if it’s time to refresh yours:

The Practice's Look is Outdated

It’s important to make sure your dental brands' imagery is staying up to current design standards. While the original tooth logo and website served their purpose at the start, invigorating bright new colors and a great new logo into your brand will help modernize your growing practice. Plus, updating your overall brand imagery is a terrific way to differentiate your practice and entice new patients while giving your current patients something to be excited about.

Before rebrand

After rebrand

Change in Practice Direction or Ownership

Perhaps you’ve acquired ownership of an already-owned practice. That may automatically mean your practice name has to change. Or maybe the previous owner was stuck a bit behind the branding curve. That’s okay! With your new leadership brings a new brand building opportunity. 

You want to communicate a new mission statement, image, vision, values, and direction for both existing and potential patients. Your rebrand will help ensure a seamless transition and create the perfect launching point for your new ownership.

Merging with or Acquiring Another Practice

Acquiring a new practice is the perfect opportunity for a dental rebrand to create a new, unified identity that reflects the strengths and shared values of both practices. Creating a cohesive brand through practice names, logos, and one universal website can showcase the unity of your practice and instill confidence in your current patients to share your practice name with others in the community.

How to Conduct a Dental Rebrand: A Step-by-Step Guide 

There are many ways to conduct a dental rebrand, and to be honest, it can be as unique as the practice you’re branding. But here are a few key steps we believe to be crucial to the process:

Step 1: Define Your Brand Strategy

This is where you lay the groundwork for everything else. It’s the time to outline your values and goals of your new dental brand. What message do you want to convey to your audience, both current and future?  

What do you want your brand to look like? Or stand for? How do you want to integrate your own personal unique story into your brand? All of these are important questions to ask. The answers will position your initial strategy and help you plan out the next steps to move forward.

Our very own Studio 8E8 Story-Driven Process is what we use to help practice owners discover this for themselves - but we also have 3 Exercises to Help Discover Your Brand.

You can also listen to our CEO Joshua Scott talk about building (or rebuilding) your own dental brand on an Episode of the “Dental Marketing GOAT” Podcast

Step 2: Conduct Market Research

You don’t want to start a dental rebrand with a blind eye. Knowing what your competitors are doing and how well they’re doing it is important. Understanding if there are any possible gaps or opportunities in your local area that they may not be filling can be a great jumping-off point. 

It’s crucial to define your target market/audience and understand their demographics, preferences, and pain points. How will your newly-branded practice help them solve those problems? Your market research will help create informed decisions that will help craft your dental rebrand strategy and effectively connect with your ideal patients while standing out from the competition.

Step 3: Develop Your Brand Identity

Now that you’ve done the research to figure out what your new brand message truly is, it’s time to bring it to life through your brand identity. Develop a visually appealing and unique logo, choose powerful colors and typography that align with your brand’s personality, and create a set of visual assets that maintain consistency. Don’t forget to make sure you have mobile friendly assets ready for social media as well. (For best results, choose Studio 8E8 or another professional designer, but Canva can work in a pinch).

Pro tip: Take your own personal photos in-office to give prospective patients a glimpse into your practice and make them feel welcome - we say custom photography > stock photography

Step 4: Create Your Brand Message

Craft your key messages and taglines to convey your practice’s unique value proposition and update your website to reflect your new brand identity (or allow us to build you a new website). Remember, your brand message isn't just about listing your services, it's about sharing the heart of your dental practice in a way that resonates with your patients. It's all about telling your story, making connections, and building trust, one patient at a time. 

Pro tip: nothing supports a great brand message on your website quite like glowing testimonials accompanied with photos of smiling satisfied patients.

Step 5: Implement the Rebrand

Time to pull the curtain back and unveil to the world your brand new… well… brand! How you roll out your dental rebrand is just as important as the steps leading up to the launch. Make sure that all of the possible touchpoints that a potential patient encounters are covered with your new brand image. Think: social media, signage, patient communications, email signatures - everything! By coordinating a successful launch and a unified image, you generate awareness, excitement and engagement among a wider local community. Pat yourself on the back - you did it! 🙌 

3 Mistakes To Avoid While Rebranding

While there are many right ways to rebrand your dental practice, it’s also a process that allows room for error. So while you’re planning your dental rebrand, make sure to avoid these mistakes:

#1 - Don’t Skip Your Research

It’s not that your original ideas aren’t already fantastic, but backing those ideas up with the factual research about your audience and local dentistry landscape is vital. Not doing proper research can create a rebrand that happens in a “bubble” – completely oblivious to what your audience is truly asking for. 

Proper market research can also help identify competitor mistakes that you can work to avoid during your own rebrand, such as not updating all photos and business info on their website and/or Google Business Profile (GBP).

#2 - Don’t Rush The Process

Dental rebranding is an exciting process! But it shouldn’t be rushed - similar to buying a car. When you buy a car, you conduct countless research (like you did above) and you examine ALL of your available options. It’s the same in rebuilding your dental brand. Many pieces combine into building your new successful brand, and rushing through any of them, such as your mission statement, website photography, or social media assets can leave the entire project misguided.

#3 - Inconsistent Branding Across Platforms

When it comes to branding, consistency is king. From your website, to your physical signage, to any content you share on social media - every patient touchpoint should reflect your new brand in all its glory! Failing to set specific brand standards (color, typography, voice, etc.) for all mediums will create pockets of uninformed patient audience groups and create ripples in your rebrand rollout.


We at Studio 8E8 truly understand the value of building your dental brand. We also understand the significance of knowing when it’s time to rebrand your dental practice, and we hope now you have some clarity on the subject, too. There may never be a convenient time to rebrand your practice, but it’s a thought worth considering if you find it always on your mind. Listen to your audience, see what the marketplace is doing, and follow our guide above to make sure your dental rebrand runs smoothly and can’t go unnoticed!

TL;DR - Summary Q&A

Q: How can I tell if my dental practice needs a brand refresh?

A: If your dental practice has outdated logos, website design, or visuals, it may be time for a brand refresh. Updating your brand with fresh colors, clean lines, and modern imagery can help attract new patients and set you apart from the competition.

Q: How can my dental practice update its brand image to attract new patients?

A: To update your dental practice's brand image, consider incorporating vibrant colors, sleek, simple designs, and eye-catching visuals into your logos, website, and overall brand identity. This will give your practice a modern and appealing look that can attract new patients.

Q: When should I consider rebranding my dental practice due to a change in ownership?

A: If you've recently acquired a dental practice or changed the direction of your existing practice, it's a good time to consider rebranding. A rebrand helps communicate your new mission, vision, and values to both current and potential patients, allowing for a smooth transition under new ownership.

Q: What are the benefits of rebranding when acquiring another dental practice?

A: When acquiring another dental practice, rebranding allows you to create a unified identity that reflects the strengths and values of both practices. By using consistent practice names, logos, and a single website, you can showcase the unity of the merger and inspire confidence in current patients to refer your practice to others.

Q: What steps are involved in a successful dental rebrand?

A: A successful dental rebrand involves several key steps. You need to define your brand strategy by outlining your goals and values. Conduct market research to understand your target audience and competition. Develop a visually appealing brand identity with a unique logo and consistent visuals. Craft a compelling brand message that conveys your value proposition. Finally, implement the rebrand across all touchpoints and platforms.

Q: How can I define a clear brand vision and goals for my dental practice rebrand?

A: Defining a clear brand vision and goals for your dental practice rebrand involves understanding the message and values you want to convey. Think about what makes your practice unique and how you can integrate your own story into your brand. These considerations will help you plan the next steps of your rebranding process.

Q: Why is it important to conduct market research before rebranding my dental practice?

A: Market research is crucial before rebranding your dental practice as it helps you understand your competition and identify opportunities in your local area. It allows you to learn about your target audience's preferences, demographics, and pain points. This knowledge helps you create an effective rebranding strategy that connects with your target patients and helps your practice stand out.

Q: How can I create a visually appealing brand identity for my dental practice?

A: To create a visually appealing brand identity for your dental practice, focus on designing a unique logo, choosing colors and typography that match your practice's personality, and maintaining consistency in your visual assets. Also, consider using custom photos of your practice instead of stock images to provide a personal touch and make potential patients feel welcome.

Q: What should I consider when crafting a compelling brand message for my dental rebrand?

A: When crafting a compelling brand message for your dental rebrand, think about your unique value proposition. Develop key messages and taglines that reflect your new brand identity and highlight the benefits and positive experiences patients can expect from your practice. Don't forget to feature testimonials on your website to further illustrate your message and build trust with potential patients.

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