Dental Marketing

for start-up Practices

Bring Your Vision To Life

You wouldn't be launching a new practice if you didn't have something innovative to bring to the table. We believe dentistry needs better stories. It needs stories like yours.

Don't Let a Saturated Market Intimidate You

Competing against the noise of a saturated market is easy when you are saying something different. A strong digital presence can cut through the competition and connect with the heart of your community.

Share a Story That Sets You Apart

We create a brand, website, and digital presence to match the unique vision of your practice. A cookie-cutter template will never replace your individual personality and voice.

Invest in marketing that truly represents you.

Studio 8E8 did such a great job of telling our story. We really wanted to show what Perch was all about, and our website definitely does that!

Dr. Denise Cua

The S8E8 Process™


Discover Your Story

As you engage our exclusive Studio 8E8 Brand Creator™, your unique mission shines through to help us craft an authentic BRAND that is exclusively you.


Tell Your Story

Through stunningly beautiful words and images, we help you attract new patients with an extraordinary STORYSITE (TM) that compels attention and connection.


Share Your Story

We enlist audience-specific strategies and online social channels to help you reach your entire community with DIGITAL ADS and SOCIAL POSTING that works.
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We Believe Your Story Is Worth It.

it's worth discovering what makes your mission special. it's worth telling through beautifully captivating words and images. it's worth sharing with the world.

we believe you're worth it.

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