3 Dental Marketing Mistakes To Avoid in 2023

3 Dental Marketing Mistakes To Avoid in 2023

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July 31, 2023

3 Dental Marketing Mistakes To Avoid in 2023

We have worked with many clients at different stages of their practice growth journey – we mean a whole bunch. Throughout this time, we’ve noticed it can be challenging to avoid getting caught up in the day-to-day business demands to see when your dental marketing efforts might fall short of the competition. 

In this article, we will discuss three dental marketing mistakes that every dentist can easily make and how you can work to steer clear of them. From miscommunicating your practice's story and values to ignoring your online presence – you'll want to avoid these marketing mishaps like patients avoiding their check-up reminders.

Forgetting About Your Practice's Story

The first big mistake we see in dental marketing is forgetting the story behind your practice and the why behind what you do. Dentists often start their marketing plan from the top down. They are figuring out how much money to spend on advertising, where they advertise, and what their ads should say. So many nitty-gritty questions!

What's often overlooked, though, in between all these tactical questions is what should ultimately guide the 'how' of dental marketing - the 'why' behind your practice's story and mission.

Why Story Matters In Dental Marketing

Why does your story matter? Because your practice's journey is one of your most powerful marketing tools. Your office is not just a building where dentistry happens; your office holds unique experiences, values, and people. Your amazing story is what sets you apart from other dentists! 

Remember that you can use elements of your story to assist in crafting your practice's marketing efforts. These elements include:

Your Origin: How and why did you start your practice? Were you inspired by a family member, a mentor, or a personal experience? Patients love to know the 'why' behind your approach.

Your Values: What are the core beliefs that guide your practice? Do you prioritize patient comfort, use only the latest technologies, or focus on affordable care? Highlighting these values can attract patients who share similar views.

Your Team: Who are the people behind the smiles? Sharing your team's qualifications, passions, and what they love about their job can connect patients with your marketing message more.

One of the biggest challenges to avoid in 2023 is neglecting to incorporate your story into your dental marketing efforts. If you lose touch with your story, your marketing may become another face in the crowd. You risk losing the ability to connect with your patients on a deeper level and just becoming another dentist offering "Top-Quality Care In Your Area!"  

Ignoring Your Online Presence 

The second dental marketing mistake we've noticed is disregarding your practice's online presence. Everyone has a website nowadays, but we're discussing much more than just having a homepage.

In this super-connected digital world we're living in, your practice's online footprint is more important than ever, and patients borderline expect it to be everywhere. Remember to address and improve the many aspects of your digital presence, including:

Your Website: Your website is an extension of your practice: welcoming, easy-to-navigate, and friendly for all visitors (on mobile). Your website needs to offer up-to-date information about your services, team, and the story of your practice.

Your Social Media: We're talking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok (and Threads, too - because why not). These spaces allow you to connect with your patients more personally. Once a user understands your story (thanks to your website), your social media profiles welcome them to join your community of patients and stay engaged.

Your Reviews: It's word-of-mouth on the internet. So encourage your patients to share their experiences and always reply. It shows you genuinely value their feedback, giving patients shopping around for a new dentist a sense of trust.

Remembering to recognize the importance of your online presence is always a good idea. Publishing a website online is undoubtedly a good start. But your dental marketing can also positively impact potential patients in countless other online areas. Remember to leverage these opportunities to the fullest!

Rushing Your Dental Marketing Timeline

The last big dental marketing mistake we've seen is not allowing your marketing strategies enough time to work to their full potential. We often expect marketing strategies to deliver instantly in a microwave world of quick results. But marketing usually operates at a different speed. It's more of a long game, like running a marathon or allowing a cake enough time to bake appropriately (we like that example better).

Why You Shouldn't Rush Your Marketing 

Rushing to change strategies can lead to missing out on their true potential. To avoid this, have confidence in your original plan, stay patient, and give it the time it needs to show results. Whether you've begun a new social media campaign, a blog series, or are revamping your website's SEO, these things need time to work. For example, a study performed by SemRush notes that content marketing (including SEO and blogging efforts) typically takes 6-12 months to start seeing a significant return on investment. 

Pro tip: While patience is key, it doesn't mean sitting back and doing nothing. Keep up-to-date with your data. Regularly check how your marketing efforts are performing while keeping important KPIs like website bounce rate and conversions in mind. 

Marketing success usually takes time; hopping from strategy to strategy will only hinder your practice growth. Dental marketing success requires patience, data-driven decisions, and market awareness. So stay patient, trust your original strategy, and breathe! You got this.


There you have it! By acknowledging these three possible dental marketing mistakes, you're already a step ahead in planning your marketing strategy. So ensure you're not hiding your unique journey - embrace it, share it, market it! Remember to optimize your online presence, including your website, social media, reviews, and more. And finally, be patient with your marketing efforts. 

As the marketing landscape shifts and changes, keep these mistakes in mind and evolve and adapt your strategies. Your practice is unique, your story is fantastic, and your marketing should be too. 

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