Your story is worth it.

Dentistry's Story-Driven Marketing Agency.

Traditional marketing repels.
Story-first marketing attracts.

We bring your story to life in a way that captivates and connects.

Who We Work With

Good marketing is great when it’s true. We’re not Just saying we’re like this, we are like this.

Dr. Daniel Tataje

Don't Lose Patients You've Never Met.

Patients must notice you to choose you.

Ordinary gets ignored. Extraordinary Is hard to miss.

1/10th of a sec.

You have only a 10th of a second to tell a new patient your practice is worth it when they encounter it online.
* Human-Technology Lab // Carleton University

1/10th of a sec.

You have only a 10th of a second to tell a new patient your practice is worth it when they encounter it online.
* Human-Technology Lab // Carleton University

If you are not standing out, you are missing a huge opportunity for patients to come in and meet you.

Dr. Ashley Joves

The S8E8 Process™

See your story come alive as we walk you through our innovative creative process.


Discover Your Story

As you engage our exclusive Studio 8E8 Brand Creator™, your unique mission shines through to help us craft an authentic BRAND that is exclusively you.


Tell Your Story

Through stunningly beautiful words and images, we help you attract new patients with an extraordinary STORYSITE (TM) that compels attention and connection.


Share Your Story

We enlist audience-specific strategies and online social channels to help you reach your entire community with DIGITAL ADS and SOCIAL POSTING that works.
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Client Stories

Client Stories

When it came to finding someone to create my website, I definitely went with my instincts because I knew that the only company in existence that could create my dream website was Studio 8E8. It really represents me and the vision I had for this practice.

Dr. Lilya Horowitz

They tap into the most valuable resource... human connection. They were able to translate my vision to a better version of what I imagined- by getting to know and understand my mission.

Dr. Shakila Angadi

Yes, they’re remarkable at what they do, you can feel and see that immediately. What’s more important to us is that they are genuine people. They care about you for all the right reasons and it shows in their incredibly creative work.

...They actually listen to us and what we want and you can tell they have such a passionate team working with you. I can honestly go on and on about how great Studio8E8 is but don’t take our word for it. Set up a call get to know them and let them hear your story and your vision.

Dr. Chris & Serena

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“If you’re going to be progressive and stay positioned where you see your practice, you better keep moving and looking for who’s doing the next thing. This is what Studio 8E8 is doing right now, they’re ahead of the game.”

Dr. Daniel Murphy

What we stand for.

Dentistry needs better stories. You have a story worth sharing. We're committed to bringing it to life.

Our Team

We Believe Your Story Is Worth It.

it's worth discovering what makes your mission special. it's worth telling through beautifully captivating words and images. it's worth sharing with the world.

we believe you're worth it.

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