Art & science should work hand in hand to create beautiful and profitable results.

Dentistry should be beautiful and inspiring. It’s form AND function; design AND tracking. We track key numbers monthly and tie our results to your investment.


Marketing is authentically telling a story that people believe.

Our first question is, “What’s the story?” That message gets communicated clearly and consistently through everything.


Responsivness is a courtesy that our clients deserve.

You’ll have a response from us within 24 hours. It’s cleverly called the 24-Hour Rule. We think it’s called being a professional.


Your marketing company should be a trusted business advisor.

Your marketing strategy should be created by an engaged expert. Their goal should be to win and maintain your trust long-term.


Marketing is not a quick profit tactic, but a long-term strategy.

The moment you say, “I need to market,” you’re too late. Marketing is never a hammer hitting plate glass. It’s the power of a 1000 little drips. Long-term strategies build momentum and deliver results.


A comprehensive approach maximizes your investment.

Multiple companies involved in the marketing strategy creates an inconsistent message and inferior results. It’s called fragmentation. All pieces must integrate and work together to perform their best.


Marketing is capturing and leveraging attention.

Consumer attention has changed.
It’s no longer looking through the day’s mail or pointing and clicking a mouse. Heads are down, scrolling through social media on mobile devices.

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