Studio EightyEight Success Stories

Studio EightyEight Success Stories

Written By:

Joanna Scott

Business Development Director
January 3, 2022

Studio EightyEight Success Stories

One of my favorite movie series of all time is The Matrix. In full transparency (and no shame), I have absolutely envisioned myself wearing Trinity’s all-black leather costume while performing hand-to-hand combat to stop evil. A girl can dream, right? Well, you know where I’ll be the minute the new Matrix 4 is released! One of my favorite aspects of the storytelling in this movie is how Neo steps into who he’s meant to be and pursues his calling to save their world from the machines.

We all need heroes in our lives. 

Fictional characters make great heroes, but so do real people. A hero is: a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. They’re people that inspire us, create change, find solutions and challenge the norm. More often than not, people struggle being recognized as heroes in life because of humility, but also because they underestimate the wide-reaching impact of who they are and what they do. Well, let me tell you the truth… if you’re one of our clients, then you’re one of our heroes. You stepped out of your comfort zone to try a different approach to digital marketing. You trusted us with your brand, your story, your voice. To us, it’s a big deal because we get to do what we love, but more importantly we get to serve people like you. 

While chatting with Dr. Paul Goodman earlier this year, he mentioned how cool it would be for us to find a creative way to tell dentists’ stories in his Facebook group. Immediately, I was in love with the idea and blocked some time to come up with a way to put the spotlight on the clients we’ve helped over the past eight years. 

Dentistry is one of the most human professions and we’re so lucky to be regularly inspired by all of you. It’s time we paid you back for all the love you’ve shown us. Grab a glass of something festive and enjoy the following quick reads on a few of the extraordinary people we’ve had the honor of working with. 

Let me introduce you to the launch of Studio EightEight Success Stories – brought to you by our biggest fans at S8E8.

Meet Elke Cheung Dentistry 

Dr. Elke Cheung realized a career in dentistry could combine her passion for art and science while offering the potential to make a great impact. She had the desire to communicate the values and standards of her practice and attract quality patients who would match those values.

“I was attracted to the clean, modern, beautiful, and simple way that S8E8 could convey a practice’s story through design and photography. I love how it’s not cookie-cutter and completely custom and unique. The process was easy and organized - the team is extremely responsive. I now have a website that is different and sets us apart from all others in my area. Most of all, it conveyed the feel and the story of the practice. We receive comments constantly from new patients that say how they chose us because of our website - ‘I knew from the website that this was the practice for me.”

You’ve worked hard to curate a space and an experience for your clients, but if they can’t see it before they walk in the door, many will just walk away. We want your story to drive the design of your online presence so your patients feel seen, heard, and taken care of. 

Meet  Deliz Dental Studio 

Dr. Will Deliz had some frequent visits to the dentist and remembers how much he dreaded those days when an appointment was scheduled. He wanted to change the perception he and most people have about the dentist to a more pleasant one. Dr. Deliz couldn’t find the “face” for his office that would really represent him, but he heard about our podcast right at the beginning of his startup journey.

“I really dug the marketing philosophy of Studio 8E8 - it captured the vision of what I wanted for my company. I've learned so much about branding by working with these guys. They really know what they are doing. There's something to be said about a company that has taken their expertise to solely work with dentists. They’ve given me a great start allowing me to expand my vision. After a year in my dental startup, it is hard to measure results, but I must say, my logo and website have been a hit!  People love it, even other marketing companies ask me about it.”

Maybe you’re opening a startup practice or maybe you’ve been in dentistry for years. Either way, our team wants to be the wind beneath your sails, so to speak. We want to support, encourage, and create everything you need for a consistent, confident online presence that’ll grow with you for years to come.

Meet Preston Dental Loft 

Dr. Meenal Patel loved her dentist as a kid. Her parents were the biggest influence in Dr. Patel pursuing entrepreneurship in Cary, North Carolina. She loves the creative aspect of the industry, owning her own practice, and building confidence in people – dentistry is the place to be.

“My biggest issue was not being able to show what my brand was about through my online presence. The owners of Studio 8E8 were personable and the whole team demonstrated care and understanding of how much influence our brand has on the success of sharing our message with the community. Now, our online presence, website, and in-person client experience all flow seamlessly - it’s all one message, all one story. Patients are so pleased!”

There is so much mixed messaging in marketing today. Don’t be that guy (or lady). Have a straightforward, trustworthy appearance that matches the straightforward, trustworthy team you’ve worked hard to build.

Meet Lynwood Dental 

Dr. Sara Boren loves seeing dental design transform a person and specializes in the artistic and cosmetic side of dentistry. Changing a smile can change a life and Dr. Boren gets to be the catalyst of that change in Knoxville, Tennessee.

“My website was blah! I wanted something that portrayed the quality we provide. I put a lot into the planning and execution of the dental procedures we perform and wanted that message to start on the website. After seeing the sites Studio 8E8 created, I was drawn to the fact they tell a story. Their process from the beginning showed me, ‘wow this is different’. The same way I want patients to see us.”

Your story will always be important. Our team asks the right questions to bring your story to life in an authentic way and create a website to match. Your story is worth the investment, trust us.

If you would like to be one of our Studio EightEight Success stories, send us a message and we’ll get right back to you!

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