The 20 Best Dental Websites of 2023

The 20 Best Dental Websites of 2023

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April 15, 2021

The 20 Best Dental Websites of 2023

Your website speaks before you do.

Dental websites have become more than just a place to find a phone number and email – they've become experiences, stories, and reflections of the practices they represent. Last year we collected our favorite dental websites, and in 2023 we’re bringing back a brand spankin’ new list of clients we’ve helped move away from generic, cookie-cutter templates, and instead embraced their website as a beautiful story-driven web experience.

So, let's dive right in. Here, in alphabetical order, the Top 20 Dental Websites of 2023!

1. Asheville Endodontics

Welcome to Asheville Endodontics, where dental care meets fresh mountain air. Tucked in the heart of the mountains of NC, Dr. Chaseen's practice mixes rustic charm with cutting-edge endo techniques. Root canals get a lot less worrying when you're scrolling through their innovative Gentlewave® technology page with the scenic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background. 

2. BB Dental Studio

BB Dental Studio’s website feels like stepping into a luxury spa. It's all about giving you that upscale, Anne Hathaway-esque vibe – fancy but friendly. Dr. Zeidan nailed the balance of chic and cozy, making you want to book an appointment just to experience it. With a sleek and classy feel throughout – and the custom photography and videography? They practically invite you in for your very own luxurious dental experience.

3. Bellissima Dental Boutique

Bellissima translates to 'extremely beautiful,' and their story-driven website sticks true to their name. Dr. Bianca's vision of a unique, urban-flavored dental experience comes alive with each scroll. Gold accents, striking photography plus videography, and a narrative that speaks directly to the heart of their patient care.  

4. Bolin Orthodontics

From a child in the dental chair to running the whole show – Dr. Bolin’s website captures this amazing journey. It’s personal, it's inspiring, and it shows how much care goes into their orthodontic work. It's like reading a good book where every page makes you more invested in the story – and in this case, the story is all about the great smiles they help create.

5. Decker Dental

Visiting Decker Dental’s site feels like meeting Dr. Decker in person. It has a genuine, friendly vibe that makes you feel at ease right away, and a solid modern design that speaks to their authority in the industry. It welcomes you with an attention-grabbing logo animation, and animations guide you through the practice’s journey to cosmetic dentistry as you scroll. It's not just informative; it's like a warm, inviting conversation about all the great things they're doing in dentistry.

6. Davis Smile Design

Dr. Emily Davis's website for Davis Smile Design is like her own personal success story wrapped up in digital form. From her roots as a local hygienist to becoming a top-notch dentist, she wanted a website that's totally her. And it delivers! With these awesome geometric designs and sparkling animations that just draw you in. The custom photos are so full of energy too, you can't help but smile. It's truly a glimpse into the heart of her practice and her love for her community.

7. Dimension Dental Care

Since 2019, Dr. Kaso's been a dynamo in general dentistry. But she dove headfirst into cosmetic dentistry, and we love her for it. Her website's surrounded by her life-changing smile makeovers, and an encouraging patient message to "Love Your Life. Love Your Smile." With a cool, sleek vibe and photography plus videography that mirrors something out of a high-end spa, the Dimension Dental Care site really highlights how much they care about the little things.

8. Green Park Dentistry

Jeff and Dr. Suggs were all about leveling up their marketing game when their practice started expanding. They treat their patients like gold and have a team that's all about loving their job. They came to us to bring this awesome vibe to their website, and we said, “No sweat, we've got you!" We went all-out with this cool, video-style layout that's pretty rare for dental sites. It really shows off the journey Green Park Dentistry is on and highlights their amazing team as well.

9. JA Dental Group

Dr. Aigbedion, fresh from Texas A&M (Go Aggies!), decided it was time to break away and do his own thing in dentistry. He's big on cosmetic work but wanted a practice that's cozy and knocks down those scary dentistry myths. He had this idea for an artsy, aesthetic-focused office, and we were all in for mirroring that vibe online. The website we cooked up? It's got this classy white and gold theme, flashy animations for the must-clicks, and speaks true to high-end dental care.

10. Juniper Dental

Juniper Dental's website is the digital embodiment of Dr. Cantlon's dental startup – both modern and distinctly Calgary.  The site blends urban chic with western charm, and beautifully so, might we say? From its custom design, to the textures and the green color palette, you'll feel a warm, cozy welcome to family-focused dentistry from the moment you arrive on the homepage.

11. Kindly Dental Care

Dr. Sheng wanted to maintain the traditional elements from the previous doctor she purchased the practice from, but also wanted to modernize her space and her website. It was important to her that the new website showcased their comfort, the aesthetics of their new space, and had a bit of a feminine touch. We couldn't love it more. It truly is a "Breath of Fresh Care" with beautiful pink tones, embossed backgrounds that make the custom photography really pop, and a layout that truly takes you through their story of providing compassionate and excellent dentistry to every single one of her patients.

12. Lofi Dental

It’s not just a website; it’s a whole vibe. Dr. Daryn Lu and Dr. Edith Q are the ultimate dental power couple, turning their love story into a dental practice with a twist. They've infused their brand with their love for LoFi music, creating a super chill, welcoming atmosphere. Launching their website was as satisfying as finding the perfect playlist. It hits you like a neon sign right on the home page, and keeps the groove going with animated backdrops. Plus, there's a sneaky little easter egg on the homepage waiting for you to shine your light on.

13. Modern Haus Dental

After her time in the Air Force and intense journey through a federal dental program, Dr. Kristy Lee is now all about building lasting relationships and providing top-notch care for her entire community. The Modern Haus website is a fusion of the contemporary design she loves and her personal story. The standout logo, animations, and tailored photography clearly emphasize her dedication to long-lasting dental care, making her a unique presence among the more corporate dental practices around town.

14. OIRD

If dental websites had a 'best dressed' award, Oral Implants and Reconstructive Dentistry would win for its plaid background hands down. It’s certainly out of the OIRD-inary (we had to) but with its dapper design and comforting "dad-core" aesthetic, their website perfectly reflects the practice's approachable, family-like atmosphere while showcasing their expertise in dental implants, reconstructive dentistry, and general dentistry as well.

15. San Francisco Center for Osseointegration

Oral surgery isn’t something everyone’s excited for, but with Dr. Gurries and his new website for the San Francisco Center for Osseointegration, you’ll truly look forward to visiting. With fantastic photo and video layering, classical accents, and an ode to his expertise throughout his entire site, you’ll just know you’re in the right hands.

16. Smile Pop

In the world of tooth fairies and bubble gum-flavored toothpaste, Smile Pop Kids is where fun meets the dental chair.  Dr. Kindregan’s practice is all about making dental visits feel like a playdate – no scary dentist vibes here! We love how their site bursts with bright, vibrant colors, smiling faces all over, and reassuring copy for any worried parents. It’s not just about teeth for them; it’s about making happy memories with every check-up.

17. SMYL Dentistry

Ever wondered what a lifestyle-focused dental website looks like? Let SMYL Dentistry show you! Partnering with Dr. Mitchell Mactier, we worked to embrace their lifestyle-focused motto of “Smile More In Your Life.” With Houston skyline hero loops, colorful background animations throughout, and even a community section listing their favorite local spots, this website is a reflection of SMYL's premier dental care and a celebration of the area they are a part of (don’t forget the cameo from Donut on their team page - because who could?).

18. Sound Dental Care

Sound Dental Care, a mobile clinic in Washington, breaks the mold of traditional dentistry by bringing preventive dental care directly to patients, whether in nursing homes or even in their own homes. Dr. Sarah and Paul Luetke are driven by a mission to make dental care accessible and comfortable for everyone. Their website captures this inspiring mission beautifully, from their hero loop video to copy that mirrors the incredible services they offer. Capturing Dr. Sarah's day-to-day patient visits through on-site photography was one of our content team’s favorite highlights and a photo session we’ll remember for a long time.

19. The Dental Wellness Co.

At The Dental Wellness Co, every smile tells a story. Their website, with its soothing animations and lush greenery, reflects Dr. Sajid's unique approach to dental care, which is deeply rooted in personal experience and empathy. It's a space where dentistry meets tranquility, inviting patients to a journey of both oral and mental wellness.  

20. Z Dentist

Meet Dr. Mo and Dr. Zhou, the power couple behind Z Dentist. These two are like a bundle of energy, and we can't get enough of them honestly. They envisioned creating a specialty practice that offers customized treatment for all your dental needs, right in-house – and they wanted their website to reflect this mission. So, we rolled up our sleeves and crafted a responsive site that's simple yet elegant, with a touch of that modern Texan warmth. Custom-written content captures their passion for creating beautiful smiles. Plus, don't even get us started on the geometric animated backgrounds, the photo cutouts that match their unique logo, and the on-site photography that transports you right into their practice before you even walk through their door.

There you have it! Another incredible year highlighting just a few of the beautifully unique, story-driven websites we’ve had the pleasure of working on with our clients. From pediatrics all the way to full-cosmetic dental surgery, we enjoy creating it all. 

If at any point you read through this article and thought to yourself “wow - I’d love to have a website like this for my own practice” – send us a message! We’d love for the opportunity to work with you to help discover and display your story in the digital space. You can reach us here at or send us a DM on Instagram @studio8e8 

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