The 20 Best Dental Websites of 2021

The 20 Best Dental Websites of 2021

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April 15, 2021

The 20 Best Dental Websites of 2021

Don’t settle for a website that gets ignored. 

We decided to take a step back and review some of the dental websites we’ve made this year (and in years past) that have really stood out from the cookie-cutter, templated websites that plague the dental industry. The ones that refused to be ignored. The ones that pushed the limits of great design, that compelled us with their photography and video, and the ones that truly told a story worth sharing. 

To be honest, it was hard to narrow down to just 20. Nonetheless, in no particular order, here are some of our team's favorites that deserve to be highlighted...

Screenshot of Domino Dental website showing a photo of a young female dentist and the text, "You Deserve a Better Dentist"

Domino Dental

Dr. Lilya’s site is the new, hip cool kid on the block (but like, you can sit with us). The bright, playful colors, varying font choices, stunning custom imagery, and casual, conversational-type copy all encompass the practice’s fresh and innovative approach. Trend-setter meets clinical excellence in this bold design - who wouldn't want to hang out at this practice? 

Screenshot of the Cure Dental homepage

Cure Dental

You have to admit that this site sparks pure joy. Fresh, fun colors, playful animations, and a consistent message of healing and service, all blend perfectly into this amazing brand that truly stands out among the rest. Dr. Shipley’s message brings a sense of purpose and connection to his audience, and that strong story and theme are pulled into every page of the site.

Screenshot of the Lynnwood Dental website

Lynnwood Dental

Warmth, elegance, comfort. All things you might immediately feel when landing on Dr. Boren’s site. The attention to detail is not lost anywhere; hand-drawn botanicals, thoughtful copy, and compelling videos placed throughout all elevate this site, and this practice, to an entirely new, world-class level. 

Screenshot of the 100 West Dental site

100 West Dental

This site immediately makes you want to stop and stare (in a good way). With a bold design, custom photography, and a brand voice that rings genuine and approachable, this site flawlessly blends urban industrial and timeless sophistication. Dr. Prior’s practice was designed to “break the mold” of traditional dentistry, providing an “unexpectedly awesome experience” for patients. We think the website is unexpectedly awesome, too.

Screenshot of the Smile & Company site

Smile & Co.

This site is a perfect example of letting the brand story do the heavy-lifting. A minimal design makes space for a narrative that’s hard to not feel connected to. From the first impression, you’re given a taste of that story, a glimpse into Dr. Joves’ life, and a piece of the practice that is relatable and approachable. No part of the copy feels stuffy. In fact, you might feel like, after browsing the site for a while, that you could very well be best friends with Dr. Joves - and we wouldn’t blame you.

Screenshot of the Preston Dental Loft website

Preston Dental Loft

Like a breath of fresh air, this site is a harmonious balance of sleek modern, and serene calm. We love the hero video loop featuring the drone shot of the office, and clear calls-to-action  right from the get-go. Videos scattered throughout the site provide an even more personal touch, introducing us to Dr. Patel and providing heartwarming testimonials from actual patients. Doesn’t get much better than that!

The Lake Park Dental homepage

Lake Park Dental

Dr. Graham’s site embodies every part of her family/holistic dental office irl: unique, fun, and health-focused. No detail was spared to create a sense of warmth and welcoming immediately when landing here; you might forget you’re even looking at a dental website! Colors and textures were chosen thoughtfully, copy was written intentionally, and the custom photography is truly the icing on the cake.  

Screenshot of the Smile Moderne homepage

Smile Moderne

Experience a clean, clutter-free, modern design that doesn’t feel cold, harsh, or unwelcoming. Quite the opposite, in fact. The welcome letter from Dr. Chris and his team offers the personal back-story of the practice, and small details like the snapping sections on the homepage, geometrical accents that match in-office design features, and hints of French flair all make this site feel intimately customized.

Screenshot of the Middleton Family Dental homepage

Middleton Family Dental

Middleton Family Dental’s site is a perfect example of a traditional, small-town setting meets modern, upscale experience. From the tagline (“Share Smiles. Share Life.”), to the Good Neighbor Difference page, to the Spanish-translated version of the site, everything about this site feels classy, approachable, comfortable, and well thought-out. The impressive hero section alone makes such a strong statement, it’s hard not to say “wow” when you land here. 

The Lincoln Crossings Dental Care homepage

Lincoln Crossings Dental Care

We love how comfortable and welcoming this site feels immediately when landing on it. Thought and attention were given to details such as the textures behind images, font choices, and navigation of the menu bar. What’s even more impressive is the expansive team page, giving a highlight to every staff member to put names to faces - patients love it, and we think it’s pretty cool, too. 

The homepage for Orange Grove Family Dentistry

Orange Grove Family Dentistry

Modern, approachable, unforgettable. This site sets a strong impression from just the homepage alone - there’s no mistaking the values of the practice, the intention behind the copy and the design, and what experience patients might expect when walking in. Clear calls-to-action make this site easy to navigate, and within, the pages tell a distinct story of how dentistry should be. 

The Sunshine Family Dentistry website homepage

Sunshine Family Dentistry

The thought that went into Dr. Mertz’s practice has been so strong from day one, that it’s impossible not to feel it when landing on her site. Values of having fun, being authentic, and doing what’s right are carried throughout in a way that feels conversational. Like, you will want to be BFF’s with Dr. Mertz by the time you’re done browsing the site. In case the copy doesn’t hit home for you, the powerful videos and photography certainly will.

Screenshot of the Thrive Dental Co. homepage

Thrive Dental Co.

Dr. Citrin’s site feels refreshingly clean and calm - for an eco-friendly dental practice, what else would you expect? Those themes were carried out throughout the site, both in design and copy. Note the custom, hand-drawn leaves and patterns, soothing color palette, and an entire page dedicated to what the practice is dedicated to: taking green seriously. 

Screenshot of the 161 Dental Studio homepage

161 Dental Studio

Modern, sleek, and stylish, Dr. Temi’s site is a perfect reflection of her practice. Particularly interesting is the black and grey color palette, allowing for pops of green and gold to shine through and bring this site straight to elegant real quick. Setting the tone right away with a powerful hero section and grabby tagline, you know exactly what to expect the rest of the way through the site. It is, indeed, authentic, comfortable, and different. And we’re here for it. 

Screenshot of the Graf Family Dental website

Graf Family Dental

We love the balance that plays out on this site. Strong colors are balanced perfectly by a genuine and warm brand voice, sharp edges balance organic, wood-grain textures. The “hometown” themes aren’t just for show, either. They really ring true for Dr. Graf. And it helps set the site, and his practice, apart in a way that feels unmistakably unique. 

Screenshot of the Perch Dentistry website

Perch Dentistry

So many little “wow” moments are woven into this site - with the “Perch Experience” being such a main focus in the practice itself, it’s clear to see those themes were carried into the site in an intentional, beautiful way. When landing on the homepage, scrolling through offers you a glimpse into the personalities of Dr. Cua and Dr. Patel, the story behind the practice, the values that they stand for. Custom photography and powerful videos all enhance this already incredible site into a whole new category of awesome. 

Screenshot of the Deliz Dental Studio homepage

Deliz Dental Studio

This site makes you go “whoa” for all the right reasons. Somehow both sleek and comfortable, minimal and engaging. The smallest of intentional details stand out on this site - the way the copy of each section is animated to feel like you’re not reading a story, the story is being told to you as you navigate, for instance. Or the diamond shapes that perfectly match the angles of the logo. Or the personal touches with photos of Dr. Deliz’s family and dog. We could go on...

Screenshot of Elke Cheung Dentistry's website homepage

Elke Cheung Dentistry

Dr. Cheung’s minimal site offers a chance for the story to be the star of the show, and creates a timeless, familiar feel to her clean, no-nonsense practice. Utilizing negative space, subtle animations, sleek fonts, and beautiful photography to top it all off, this site is ageless and sophisticated. 

Photo of Shelbourne & Associates homepage, showing a large team photo and text that says, "South Carolina's Premier Oral Surgery Center"

Shelbourne & Associates

Modern, elevated, cool… anything but what you might expect from a multi-location oral surgery center. Clear calls-to-action are visible without being overwhelming, and the stunning photography and video allow a more personal, calming touch to immediately comfort, welcome, and engage patients who land here.

Screenshot of the Children's Choice Pediatric Dentistry website showing a smiling dentist and young patient and the text "We grow smiles!"

Children’s Choice Pediatric Dentistry

Built to be kid and parent-friendly, Dr. Anamelechi’s site is a testament to balancing fun and function. The bold color choices were an obvious choice, but what might not be immediately obvious are the small, but intentional details both in design and copy. Custom-designed birds and flowers match the decor of the practice, and bouncy animations make everything feel playful and stress-free. Easy to navigate, easy to connect with, easy to love - you almost wish you could be a kid again to visit this practice, no? 

At Studio 8E8, we make the best dental websites that showcase who you are in a way that patients connect with. We’d love to help you build a beautiful website that tells your story, makes an impact, and gets the results you want. We believe you’re worth it. 

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