The 20 Best Dental Websites of 2022

The 20 Best Dental Websites of 2022

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February 6, 2023

The 20 Best Dental Websites of 2022

If you don’t stand out, you get ignored. 

White noise in the dental industry is real - plain, templated websites have marked this remarkable industry for decades and we’ve made it our mission to change that. Because your story is important and it’s worth it. Last year, we gathered our favorite websites of 2021 in one place to showcase our incredible clients and this year we are bringing it back. Welcome to a new year, a new lineup, and a new way to highlight the dentists we know and love in unique, colorful, and impactful ways.

Without further adieu and in alphabetical order, our top 2022 websites - 


If you’re not sitting down, find yourself a comfy chair because this one will knock you off your feet. We worked with Dr. Brian Baliwas and Dr. Adam Miller to create a lifestyle brand dental website that will not only stand the test of time, but will shine in personality and style, too. The incredible video footage matched with simple, elevated design creates a seamless scrolling experience that really captures your heart and attention. Plus, their pup, Xylocaine, is introduced on the team page and like, does it get any better? 


In a word: crisp. Just looking at this bright and bold site makes our teeth feel squeaky clean. With a doctor who originally majored in art, this website compliments her custom-designed dream space with modern, Scandinavian-style pops of color. 


If you’ve met Dr. Anissa Holmes, you know the impact she has from the first impression and we wanted her website to do the same - hit ya with its best shot right away. After developing Dr. Anissa’s brand, her website was designed to appeal to her entire audience and uplevel her services to convey the experience and excellence she delivers to each student and client. It’s modern, intricate, and downright cool. 


Dr. Schiffenhaus is kind of a big deal in the dental community (seriously, go check him out on IG), so making him the focal point of this clean, sophisticated, and modern site just made sense. Striking a balance between the relationship he has with his peers and the relationship he has with his patients was a challenge because they didn’t know they were sitting in the dental chair of a doc who actually treats other dentists and travels the globe lecturing specialists. Now, it’s no longer a secret that he’s the “Dentist’s Dentist.”


As a cutting-edge specialist and educator, Dr. Fien’s website had to reflect the authority and professionalism he projects in the dental world. This is accomplished through clean straight lines, power-stance photography, and copy that highlights his specialties. Balancing the clinical, calming blue tones and subtle ocean wave animations speak to the practice location, the place his patients call home – Fort Lauderdale. 


The folks at Grove City Smiles are all about making dentistry easy, and that sense of ease is carried throughout their website with calming blues, conversational copy, and custom photography featuring lots of smiling faces. Images of their stunning new interior (shoutout to our friend Shianne at Identify Designs!) show that their space was designed for comfort. 


You gotta check this one out, K? 😎 If you’re not immediately moving to California to be a patient at Kearny Dental Arts & Aesthetics after seeing that header move apart in a perfect “K” - what are you even doing with your life? The deep colors, custom photography, and beautiful design elements draw the viewer in to establish not only interest, but trust. It’s a huge favorite around here. 


Don’t you just want to curl up in their office with a good book…and a plant? The warmth of their space is reflected in the warmth of their website design and we can’t get enough. The team at Legacy Family Dental stick to their values, so we made sure their values stick out on their site. Combining genuine words with real images of their team makes it all the more relatable and we’re big fans. 


This one sparks (or sparkles?) joy. ✨ Dr. Josetta’s fun and bubbly personality is translated here with really unique shapes, while the chic elegance of her brand and interior is broadcast in the fonts, photos, and video. Her core values of joy, family, and patient care are imprinted all over the copy to make this site 100% uniquely her.


Fun textures, bright accents, and happy kids – what more could ya want?! Seriously, this site is so sweet you’ll get a toothache! 😜The thoughtful copy that immediately puts parents at ease is the cherry on top. Honorable mention to the stellar team page that’s an absolute blast to scroll through and features interactive shots of the team as babies. 


This father-and-son dental team wanted to modernize their website to match the advanced procedures and high-end quality of dentistry they provide. From the fonts to the colors and shapes, it’s modern but approachable. You get a feel for their welcoming family atmosphere through their custom photography and video, and for an extra flair of character we included an Easter egg on the dental bonding page – can you spot it? ⧓


You’re gonna need a minute for this one, but it’ll be the best minute you’ve spent all day. We think 😏The Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry website has over 60 locations (and that new locations page is just 🤩). We used a studio space to capture magazine-worthy shots of Dr. Riccobene and his team and then moved to the practice for photos of the team and patients interacting to be used all over the site. We wanted to represent the wide-spread brand with consistency and excellence…this one will go down in history.


Dr. Garcia’s site is the epitome of calm and serene, which is a welcome feeling if you’re seeking root canal therapy. The consistent message of comfort is intertwined throughout with beautiful greenery and eye-catching plant accents that’ll put you at ease. It visually marries their commitment to advanced technology with their clean, modern aesthetic seamlessly. 


This is a site for sore eyes (see what I did there? 👀). The logo was used as a primary reference for the website design, creating a harmonious, soothing place on the internet. Knowing Dr. Sirin’s passion for patient comfort, this is exactly what he intended. 


When a client asks for pink, it is a rare blessing. Dr. Lajja’s brand is the color of apple blossoms, and the site feels so fresh and elegant. Natural elements in the design, like the eucalyptus leaves, support the bare wood tones and blossoming branches in her space. Why make a dental office look like a dental office when it could look like a luxury boutique?


This photography gallery was one of our favorites and the way the tones and unique architecture leave room for animated and unique typography is just, chef’s kiss. Studio Dental of River Park prides itself on a spa approach and with balance white space and full screen video sections, readers are pulled in and hopefully, find themselves never wanting to leave. 


If you’re looking to add a little brightness to your day, look no further than the online home of Sunset Dental. The built-to-be-unique shapes, fonts, and textures embedded into the viewer’s experience are just flawless (and that branded map in the footer?😍😍). We strolled down Sunset Avenue to capture lifestyle content of Dr. McNamara and her team and it plays so well into the culture of the community and therefore the culture of the site.


If it kicks off with capes, what could go wrong? SuperKids Pediatric Dentistry is setting a new standard in dental care for kids. They are bright, fun, relatable, and we made sure that sentiment came across in each section tailored to their services and their spunky clientele.


The dentist of dentists needs the website of websites, no? This site leans into animations that make you want to scroll through it again and again. Though the site shows the complexity and advancement of Dr. Ku’s dental techniques, it is easy (and fun!) to navigate.

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