The Power of a Content Refresh

The Power of a Content Refresh

Using Photos and Video to Build Momentum in Your Practice

Written By:

Ariel Kuhn

Senior Account Manager
July 1, 2020

The Power of a Content Refresh

Using Photos and Video to Build Momentum in Your Practice

You’ve heard us say it a hundred times, but we stand behind the statement stronger each time. Your story is worth it. It’s worth sharing in words and more than that, worth sharing through visuals that accurately represent the heart behind your business. 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual, so let’s take advantage. 

Investing in a content refresh - photography and videography - on a regular basis is a relatable and strategic way to connect with patients, increase brand awareness, and stay relevant.

You’ve got questions.

So, let’s dig into it, shall we?

First the why, then the how.


“Why do I need any photos?” “Me? On Video? No way.” “I have photos from when I first opened 10 years ago.” “My Uncle Bob took a few, we’re good!” “Why would I put myself through the torture a second time?” “I’m not photogenic.” “Well, they’ve been gone for a few years.” “Our office doesn’t look like the photos, but you’ll find it!”

Here’s what you’re really asking when you run through your list of excuses: Why is content important?

1. because it’s how you’re attracting new patients via marketing efforts.

Stopping the scroll, catching the eye, and capturing the attention of humans is the goal. The more visual our virtual world is getting, the more weight imagery holds . Photos and videos provide the backdrop for your marketing materials - your website, ads, collateral, social media profiles - so they’ve got to be good and they’ve got to be accurate.

2. because it’s how you’re exceeding expectations with new patients coming to you via referrals.

As Dale Partridge says, people don’t refer ugly. They don’t. I mean sometimes they do, but it comes with a qualifier, right? “It’s not the prettiest, but…” “it doesn’t look like it does here, but…” “U-G-L-Y, but…” (Let’s be real, not many are starting out with a Bring It On cheer, but you get the picture). We don’t want to give your raving fans any reason to use qualifiers - only enthusiastic words about everything from your online presence, to your space, to your expertise, to your excellence in customer service.

3. because it builds trust and makes you reliable, relatable, and respectable in the eyes of people you don’t know are paying attention.

Watching you explain your “why” is more effective than reading it, and seeing your team is more effective than saying they’re great. Photography and videography bring life and loyalty to your practice in ways that are worth far more than the nervousness you think you’ll feel in front of the camera. (Which, by the way, our team wipes away the second they walk in.)


You’re convinced. I can tell. But, now what? What does it mean to refresh your content and what are the rules? Don’t fret, no rules, just guidelines to help your content refresh be a tool to share your story more effectively with your audience and help you stand out amongst your competition.

1. Make It Authentic

No one is looking for perfect patient models, they just want a visual of who you are and what you stand for. While on video answer questions honestly, from the heart and in photos don’t stress about perfection, just be yourself. Take the opportunity to dress nicely and be comfortable in your appearance, but don’t go so far that you’re unrecognizable when someone meets you for the first time.

2. Make It Helpful

Be sure you’re showing what your newest patient (we’ll call her Ariel) will see on their first visit. What will Ariel see from the road? Who will be greeting Ariel at the door? Will Ariel have a place to sit? How are you making Ariel feel safe in the wake of COVID-19? Can Ariel afford your services? Especially in the dental industry where fear and anxiety play a role in a first visit, make sure you alleviate any stressor you can with your updated content.

3. Make it Stretch 

You got your photos back? Yay! You’ve seen the video clips? Awesome. Don’t sit on that content! Posts with images get 94% more views and we’d say that goes across the board on social. 

Update your website, change out your Facebook banner image, schedule out photos on Instagram, post shortened versions of the video to LinkedIn. Use the copy from your website, a note from the owner, a testimony from a patient, or a story from a team member to pair with them and get moving!

We vote for a refresh every year (every other at most) to keep your practice movin’ and groovin’ in the online world - ideally it would be beneficial to schedule one when there’s a new doctor, updated space, or change in team members as well. (Who doesn’t need an excuse to wear real pants to work every now and again?)

Beautiful photos, powerful videos, and all-around stunning visuals provide a strong, united front as a business and give your patients something to talk about. Help ‘em put a face to the name and a space to the place.

If you need a little tap, boost, or kick in the pants to get it done, our team has created relaunch packages with all the support you could need to get the second half of 2020 off to a great start. We’ll see you over there.

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