5 Dental Marketing Strategies to Dominate in 2023

5 Dental Marketing Strategies to Dominate in 2023

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June 30, 2023

5 Dental Marketing Strategies to Dominate in 2023

*cue The Twilight Zone music* 

“Enter, if you will, the year 2023. Dental marketing, once a simple affair, now a labyrinth of innovation. The yellow pages? A fossil. Bench ads? Relics in a digital museum. We stand at the gateway to an unexplored dimension, where technology is the compass and innovation the North Star. Welcome, intrepid explorer, to the new frontier of dental marketing.” 

Okay okay, dental marketing in the digital era isn’t nearly as ominous or mysterious as The Twilight Zone. But with all the recent marketing trends, it can seem a bit confusing on where to focus your efforts as a dentist. That’s why we wanted to help pull back the curtain to give you and your growing practice…

#1: The Rise of Online Patient Convenience Web Tools

Our story begins with a hero we all know and love: the smartphone. These pocket wizards have sparked a constant expectation of seamless user experiences. In a recent survey, 79% of respondents said they want the ability to use technology to manage their healthcare and dental experience to make access easier. 

To meet these expectations, consider the integration of online tools such as:

📅 Online Booking - Streamline appointment booking and reduce waiting times while providing greater transparency of your availability. This system enables your patients to make appointments during non-office hours, broadening your availability beyond the typical 9-5 schedule. Moreover, an effective online booking system can also send reminders to patients, reducing no-shows and cancellations.

💻 Digital Forms - Give patients the opportunity to complete paperwork before they arrive to help make their visit  more people-focused and less about signatures. By transitioning to digital forms, you cut down on the amount of paper clutter in your office and significantly increase data security as well. This also enables you to create a more eco-friendly business, attracting customers who are conscious of environmental sustainability.

🤖 Chatbots & AI Software - For patients, these automated systems can provide immediate answers to their queries, drastically reducing wait times and enhancing their overall experience. For the dental office, AI chatbots can shoulder the burden of repetitive queries, enabling staff to dedicate their time to more complex and personalized patient interactions. 

⏰ Automated Appointment Reminders - To ensure patients remember when they’re scheduled, and even offer a link to add the appointment to their mobile calendar. These reminders help patients keep track of their schedules and reduce no show appointments and late cancellations. 

#2: Utilizing Video Marketing to Show Off Your Dental Practice

Video marketing is another powerful tool for dentists to engage potential patients in 2023, and we’re not just talking about funny cat videos (even though we’re still fans). Video can help showcase your dental practice, introduce staff members, and even provide virtual tours of your office. At Studio 8E8, we absolutely LOVE using video because there’s no better way to truly illustrate your unique story as a dentist.

To capitalize on that attention and help tell your story best, try using video marketing tools such as:

🎥 Patient Testimonials: Videos work best to truly communicate personal experiences and stories from your patients. These are not only engaging but also build trust by allowing potential patients to hear from satisfied current ones. This can improve your reputation and increase patient conversion rates.

🔬 Product Demonstrations: Video can demystify complex dental procedures and introduce cutting-edge technologies to patients in a digestible format. By removing the fear factor associated with certain procedures, you create a more comfortable and informed patient experience in the process.

🏥 Virtual Tours: Showcase your office and your team to make everyone feel welcome in a new environment. By offering a virtual tour, you provide prospective patients an opportunity to experience your dental practice from the comfort of their homes, fostering a sense of familiarity before they even step foot in the office.

Fun fact: Videos happen to be one the featured pieces in our StorySites because we believe in it so much. And if you want to learn more about our insider Dental Practice Video Tips - check them out here

#3: Emphasize Dental Educational Content On All Platforms

Today, people do as much research before a dental visit as we do before choosing a Netflix series. In the age of DIY, people are likely to do their homework before purchasing any service, especially for high-ticket items like aligners or cosmetic treatment. Therefore, content that informs patients about procedures, oral hygiene, and services can boost your image as a trustworthy and reliable dental practice. 

Educate your audience by implementing a variety of content types including:

📚 Blogs and Articles: Publish regularly on your website, focusing on common dental issues and latest treatments. This not only educates, but also improves your SEO score. Consistent publication of relevant blogs and articles reinforces your practice's expertise and credibility while providing potential patients with valuable insights into topics they are curious about.

📱 Social Media: Share educational and entertaining content through social media to create conversations with your audience and help answer questions.  By leveraging platforms where your audience is active, you can foster a more direct and interactive relationship with your patients. This connection boosts your practice's visibility, reputation, and patient trust, while also offering an opportunity to promptly address questions and concerns

🧠 Educational Videos: Consider using video to discuss important procedures or frequently-asked patient topics. This dynamic format allows you to demonstrate your proficiency in various dental procedures, solidifying your position as an authority in the topic. By sharing your in-depth knowledge through video, you give patients a deeper understanding of your expertise, which in turn bolsters their trust in your practice.

#4: Personalized Marketing Campaigns > General Marketing

Today's consumers are discerning, seeking personalized experiences rather than generic, one-size-fits-all newsletters that often see low engagement. Making it a point in your marketing strategy to tailor your marketing messages based on demographics, patient history, and preferences can significantly improve patient engagement and retention.

Here are a few ways you can make sure your dental marketing strategies stay personalized:

📧 Email Marketing: Send personalized appointment reminders, promotions, and educational content that show interest in each individual patient. Additionally, this approach often translates into improved email open rates and conversions, leading to increased patient retention and loyalty.

🎯 Social Media Targeting: Leverage social media platforms to reach specific segments of your audience with tailored messaging and audience attribution targeting. By crafting tailored messages and specifically targeting audience segments, you enhance the relevance of your social media content. This specificity not only ensures your messages resonate more deeply with ideal patients, but also optimizes your outreach.

🌐 Website Tracking: Build an audience around those that have visited your website but not yet converted to encourage them to come back. It's like a friendly nudge, but in digital form. Recognizing and engaging with users who have visited your website but haven't booked an appointment can prompt their return. This approach also provides valuable insights into user behavior, enabling a more informed refinement of your overall marketing strategies.

#5: Simplifying The Google Review Process 

Online reviews are a significant factor in a patient’s decision-making process in 2023, with over 81% of consumers likely to look at Google Reviews before visiting a business. Making the review process quick and simple significantly increases the odds of collecting authentic and detailed feedback.

While it still takes stellar customer service (that we know you have) to get great reviews, try a few of these tips in your office and on your website to make it easier for patients to help give you a 5-star review:

🔗 Easy Links: Make leaving a review as easy as taking a selfie. Provide an easy-to-follow link to your Google review page in your follow-up emails or text messages. Ensuring the review process is as straightforward as possible encourages patients to leave feedback. By embedding an easy-to-follow link to your Google review page in your follow-up emails or text messages, you not only facilitate this process, but also demonstrate that you value their opinions.

📩 Responding to Reviews: Don’t ignore feedback, good or bad. Responding shows you genuinely care about your patients' opinions. Engaging with feedback, positive or negative, illustrates your commitment to patient satisfaction. This helps to cultivate a positive online reputation and shows patients that their experiences matter to your practice.

📢 Promote Testimonials: Flaunt those rave reviews on your website or social media. They're proof of the fantastic work you do. Showcasing positive reviews on your website or social media serves as credible evidence of your quality care and service. 


*Back To Rod Serling*

“And so, dear voyagers, as our odyssey through the ethereal landscape of dental marketing in 2023 draws to a close, let us not forget the wonders we’ve glimpsed. We’ve navigated the digital currents, from the shores of online convenience to the peaks of personalized campaigns. We’ve gazed into the looking glass of video marketing and deciphered the cryptic scrolls of Google reviews. 

But remember, this realm is ever-shifting, and the intrepid explorer must never rest. Keep your compass true and your astrolabe polished, for the stars of innovation are your guide through this boundless twilight zone.” 

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