Building Your StorySite with Studio 8E8

Building Your StorySite with Studio 8E8

Why building a dental website can be as fun as a day at summer camp

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August 1, 2022

Building Your StorySite with Studio 8E8

Why building a dental website can be as fun as a day at summer camp

Ever go to summer camp? 
No? I happen to feel you missed out.

Unless you went to the wedgies-at-lunch, toilet-paper-pranks-in-the-cabin, or Tony Perkis-type summer camp, in which case… that’s not what we’re talking about. 

The past few summers, I’ve run a one-day summer camp of sorts – a day we bring out the competitiveness, pinnies, and water balloons for a few hours of relays, races, and snacks. (Because who doesn’t love snacks.)

It’s a great team-building, culture-creating event and it got me thinking as an Account Strategist, too – the basics of running a summer camp day are basically the same as the basics of your Studio 8E8 website project, too. 

Basically. 😅
Let’s connect some dots, shall we?


We’re creative, but don’t leave us alone with water balloons.

Once you’re in with us, we’re ready to hit the ground running. But while our team is creative, intelligent, and downright inventive, creating your website from scratch with no direction wouldn’t be the best course of action. It would be like showing up to Summer Camp with no schedule, no structure. Chaos.

Can you picture it? Amped up, running-on-caffeine creatives who’ve been working in their home offices…driving up…on a 98-degree instructions…just an open field, a bucket of water balloons, and the will to win.

It’s a recipe for disaster.
As is your website without the Brand Creator.

Once you’ve been officially welcomed into the Studio 8E8 fold, we only ask for a few things to get started on your project, and the big kahuna – the Brand Creator – is the most important one. It’s a process we ask you to walk through alone and with your team to help us understand who you are, what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for.

You’d think it would be simple – You’re a dentist, you like to help patients.
But it’s deeper than that, because your story goes deeper than that.

The Brand Creator helps our team understand those details. 

The preparation phase of both Summer Camp and your Studio 8E8 StorySite takes intention, focus, and attention to detail to make sure the process moves forward smoothly. So, when we ask you to fill out the Brand Creator – get excited. The schedule is being meticulously planned, the details are coming together… Summer Camp is about to begin!


Show ‘em something is coming and they’ll show up.

So, you’re in. You filled out the Brand Creator and completed the rest of your homework (because you’re a 10 😎) and now it’s time to dig into your project. Time to set the tone.

The Summer Camp branding adjusts each year, but it’s fun, bright, and generates all kinds of excitement within our team MONTHS out from the event. You, too, can generate that kind of excitement with your own brand. You can say Summer Camp is coming up, or you can show it. And showing it is a lot more fun.

Whether you’re starting your own practice from scratch or rebranding an existing one, setting the tone is important for your team, your community, and for yourself. That’s where the branding process comes in. While our team loves a good dental logo, what we really love is taking what we know about you and who you want to connect with, and then creating visuals to match. 

Your brand will be the flair in your copywriting, the foundation of your website design, and the future of your practice all rolled into one. Doing that preparation work at the beginning pays off. 

And you’ll start to see the payoff sooner than you think.
Show your patients somethin’ is coming, and they’ll show up for the big event.


There’s both a psychology and a pizazz to the flow.

While Summer Camp may seem like fun and games, don’t think I’m not digging into straight into the psychology of our team to make sure the day goes off without a hitch. The environment needs to be right, the initial event has to set the teams up for success, and the energy needs to be top-notch so everyone has a good time. (And you WILL have a good time.)

I’ve got checklists on checklists.
And to-dos to remember my checklists. 
There’s a flow and you don’t want to mess with it.

The Studio 8E8 StorySite process is the same way. The process our team works through was once created and has since been refined by dozens of human beings with unique strengths, talents, and insights. We find knots, snags, and bumps in the road, and we fix them. All kinds of skills and specialties are employed to make building your website as seamless as possible – so for every step, there is a reason.

There’s a reason we start with your story. 
There’s a reason we don’t use your old JPEG logo.
There’s a reason we include photography in all website projects.

Just like the flow of the Summer Camp schedule, we want to build an incredible website for you, and we’ve got just the way to do it. The process our team will walk you through is above all intentional; we love when clients know what we can do and trust us to do it. So, if you wanna be cool, follow one simple rule: don't mess with the flow. 


If you don’t post it, it didn’t happen.

We don’t actually believe that’s true in real life, but you know what helps people understand what happens at S8E8 Summer Camp? Photos. Videos. War stories. It’s by looking through the content that we can relive the day and show others what it felt like. Even if what it felt like was a bruised knee from a slip-n-slide.

And, yeah, you guessed it, your content works the same way. Custom photography and videography are huge driving factors in your project with us. We have some of the best photographers and videographers in the biz flying, driving, scooter-ing right to your door to capture your team in action because an image is worth one thousand words and a video is worth… probably a lot more. Photos and videos are massively important, especially now – visuals drive so much of consumer decision-making, and we want yours to be top of mind.

 Hearing how Janet went after Tyler to shatter an egg, how Juan danced his way through rock-paper-scissors, or how Joanna avenged Carly while her arms were plastic-wrapped like a T-Rex is just hard to picture, right? 

Content helps. 
Content wins. 

And if you want to win, trust us when we say preparing for and completing your photo or video session is important. You build credibility, trust, and genuine admiration with your community by using that content on your website, in your digital ads, and on social media. We do all the work, you just have to show up.


#1 on the field, #1 in their hearts.

Running our summer camp day is super fun - I get to hold a megaphone, spray everyone with a hose, and decide who’ll be friends and foes for those few hours. But just like that day, your website takes a lot of work, a lot of team members, and a lot of cooperation to make it successful.

Here’s the thing, what we do here isn’t life and death. You’re dealing with cavities, root canals, and implants all day long, and we’re building websites. But you love what you do and we really love what we do, too. And while our process is pristine 🤌🏼, it’s also fun. And we want you to have fun. Because at the end, you’ll have a beautifully unique website that fits you and your practice perfectly.

You did the work, you built your brand, you walked through the process, and you gave your all for the content – now it’s time to reap the rewards. The reviews, the recognition, the referrals, and the growth will come, you just have to trust the process. But we’ve got the process down. Trust us.

We’re just out here tryin’ to give you the best darn website of your life and if you’re ready for yours, hit us up.

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