5 Things You Need To Know To Effectively Use Photos And Videos In Your Digital Marketing

5 Things You Need To Know To Effectively Use Photos And Videos In Your Digital Marketing

Written By:

Ariel Kuhn

Senior Account Manager
March 31, 2022

5 Things You Need To Know To Effectively Use Photos And Videos In Your Digital Marketing

You did it.
You put on real pants and got your photo taken.

Maybe you even braved sitting in front of a video camera.
I pat you on the back. I do.

But you just got that magical email that says “Your photos are done!” “The videos are in!” “Your content is finished!” and now you’re staring at 100+ images (of your stunning face) and a few videos with you *gasp* talking and it’s like….now what?

You deserve to have a plan in place to make sure that content sees…outer space? You need a blueprint to make the investment worth it and to make sure the deliverables see the light of day in a creative, engaging, intentional way. 

This guide will help you navigate using your new photos and videos in your marketing...we want you to shine in a consistent, cool, on-brand kinda way. No stress, just simple actions and ideas. 

1: THE WHAT - The deliverables from your project

You gotta know what you’re getting. Check the proposal, check the invoice, check the details, or ask someone to make sure you know exactly what should be in your hot little hands once the project is complete. If you’re getting your content from us, your Account Strategist will have all the answers!

Is it the high-resolution images? Are they full-length videos? How many? In what format? How will you be able to access and post them?

Fresh photos and videos show your patients you and your practice in the present. What they get when they walk in today. And lemme tell ya, that kind of preparation is priceless. Once you know what you’re getting, we can move on to why we would even want to share it at all.

2: THE WHY - A (stock) photo is worth a thousand words...but custom photos are worth so much more!

You know what you’re getting, but you just can’t quite convince yourself to use any of it in real life. Why did we do this? What’s the use? Who cares?

Well, I do, Linda. I care.

Custom photos create an experience for your potential patients. It’s just like the first time they walk through the door - sharing photos of your doctors, your team, your practice, the environment, the location, and all kinds of fun moments brings a realness to who you are and sets an expectation for them.

Great videos (even ones taken on your cell phone) are incredible ways to show the heart of your practice. Talking “face-to-face” even by camera is one of the best ways to grab attention, build trust, and portray authenticity online. You can take your time answering questions about your “why,” your team values, the patient experience, etc and then use those videos on social media to get the word out!

Using content to connect is vital because you’re building the relationship before you’ve even put a face to the name. Let your content werk it for ya.

If you're not sure how to start, write down some goals for your content. Do you want it to entertain? Educate? Inspire? Whatever it is (or even a mix), choose pieces of your photos or videos that line up with those goals and start to sprinkle them into social media, email, or general marketing! If you’re still feeling stuck, our team would love to jump in and help you with Social Media Management, too! 

Now that you’ve given yourself that pep talk, let’s get to the tactical strategies.

3: THE WHERE - The possibilities are endless, but here are some suggestions!

Let’s get a game plan together and figure out where to use your new content, shall we? Here are a few easily implementable spaces:

- Social Media and Profiles (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc)

- General Marketing Materials (Promos, Flyers, Signage, Business Cards, etc)

- Email Marketing Elements (Headers, Design Elements, Signatures, etc)

- Online Platforms (Website, Blog Posts, Local Articles, Features, Podcasts, etc)

Easy peasy. Choose a few easy spots to update profile images or header photos and move up in the world from there. So, you’ve decided where to post or what to update with your content, but what are a few best practices?

4: THE HOW - We're delivering you ready-to-use content, so here are some tips for getting it out there!

There are some industry standards as far as what to do once you’re ready to hit “post,” make an update on your website, or otherwise use your awesome content. In most cases (at least we can say for our clients), you own the creative content we create, but we like to explain how best to show it off.

We work intentionally to create a consistent look and feel for your brand and suggest refraining from using any additional filters or edits to maintain a consistent look. 

Use that consistent look to be creative! You can create visuals in a variety of ways. Canva (our pro designers are cringing) is a great free option for making any kind of graphic from social graphics to flyers to presentations (pro tip: you can also upload your brand colors, logos, fonts, and elements for a cohesive look in less time)!

Once you’ve got a bunch of ideas for posting, take time to implement your ideas for the photos and videos you worked hard to show up for! Detail your ideas and batch content. 
Getting your story out into the world will be worth the time. Speaking of time, how long should your photos and videos last and when should you consider a content refresh?

5: THE WHEN - Your content should last you 12-24 months. Here are some ideas for using it across that timeframe

We suggest switching it up when using photos, videos, and candid behind-the-scenes shots on social media to stay engaging, but the variety also helps keep your practice top of mind.

Your photos and videos can last you as long as they feel relevant. If you’ve had a lot of team turnover, office updates, or advanced technology added - it may be time to bring the S8E8 team back in. Use a variety of content spread out over time so you can have a cohesive look that lasts across all your social media platforms and marketing methods for months to come. 

You can make your content feel fresh and relevant by updating your social media cover photos every quarter for an updated look, or collecting images and videos from team members during the day to keep your brand feeling just right. 

If just reading this made you tired, we do offer social media and digital ad packages where you leave it to us to make sure you have on-brand, consistent, and relevant content for your practice! Now you have the tools, the manual, and one heck of a cheerleader in Studio 8E8. We're cheering you on and can't wait to see that awesome content in action!

At the end of the day, it’s about telling a story through your marketing and building trust within your community. Do you need FIRE content to do it? Not necessarily. Does it help? Ya. It does. Don’t let your awesome content die in your email inbox.

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